Nomenclatures/ Specifications Actives components
New-Gar® Deodorized Garlic 2000-10,000 ppm Allicin
(Nutraceutical & pharmaceutical Grade)
Aged Garlic Extract powder
Dially Trisulfides
Black Fermented garlic extract S-Allyl Cysteine 
New-Gar® Garlic Oil 100:1 sulfur
New-Gar® Garlic Oil 500:1 sulfur
Cetyl Myristoleate Complex
CFA20® /CMO®
20% Cetyl Myristoleate
Zaffronel® Saffron Extract- ZAF1 Safranal & total crocins
Zaffronel® Saffron Extract 2% Safranal Safranal, Crocine, Picrocrocin
Borojo powder sesquiterpelantond
Maca Standardized Powder Glucosinolates including Macamides & Macaenes
New-Maca6Mega® 0.6% Glucosinates Including
New-PC Omega ®
Purple Corn Standardized powder
5% Anthocyanins, 15% Phenolics
New-MEGAÇAI® 20:1, 10% & 20% Polyphenols
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